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EuroCIS 2018 Closes with Outstanding Results


Multitude of Forward-Looking Innovations fuel Retailers’ Propensity to Invest Mobile Solutions, Self Scanning, Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality determine Customer Journey today
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Exhibitor Testimonials for EuroCIS 2018:


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The digital POS


The Digitalisation of Physical Stores is Moving Ahead
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Robots on the Advance!


From warehouse automation to artificial intelligence at the POS: robotic solutions of increasing importance for retail
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Cloud computing: more competitive thanks to the cloud?


EuroCIS 2018 will feature a broad range of cloud-based applications, geared specially towards the retail trade
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Instore Analytics


How Modern Electronics study Shopper Behaviour
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Making radio data transmission future-proof


More Retail Application Scenarios make High Demands on WLAN
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Self-checkouts are getting increasingly common in the retail trade


Number of outlets with self-checkouts has risen by 50 per cent within two years +++ Yet Germany is still a developing country for self-checkouts +++ Market is rapidly gaining momentum +++ Leading international suppliers are offering full range of today’s SCO solutions at EuroCIS 2018
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EuroCIS 2018: Technology Never Sleeps!


Business Engine +++ Innovation Tank +++ High-Tech Lab
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Exhibitor Responses to EuroShop 2017:


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