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  • 01  Lösungen für Filiale, Zentrale und E-commerce
  • 01.08  Digitale Marketing-Lösungen
  • 01.08.10  POS Kiosk Systeme

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Produktkategorie: POS Kiosk Systeme

Designer kiosk diz2432 L

This elegant self-service kiosk has a modern look, and is supplied with an integrated edge-to-edge projective capacitive multi-touchscreen. This striking kiosk has a lockable hardware compartment that can house a compact Android or Windows PC. Various other built-in components are also possible, such as a barcode scanner, RFID reader and speakers.

With this unique and high-pitched design, the user can obtain all information in a very attractive and user-friendly way.

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Produktkategorie: POS Kiosk Systeme

Outdoor digital signage or interactive diz447 outdoor

The diz447 outdoor is a large-format outdoor solution featuring a big high-bright display. So your message comes over clearly, whatever the weather. With its optional touchscreen functionality, the diz447 is interactive for every user. The applications are endless, varying from pure information all the way to a complete interactive wayfinding solution. This kiosk is low-maintenance and “public-proof”, and has a modern design.

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Produktkategorie: POS Kiosk Systeme

Digital outdoor kiosk with a modern look diz5000 outdoor

The diz5000 outdoor kiosk is a slimline outdoor kiosk: elegant but still strong and robust. This affordable kiosk is therefore especially suitable as a no-nonsense information point. The weatherproof diz5000 outdoor has an insulated housing and is fitted with a climate control system. The sealed housing contains ample space for a PC and cabling. This model can be expanded with a rear wall and a canopy, and is available with various formats of “public-proof” high-bright touchscreen displays. So your message always comes across clearly.

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Über uns


diz is a designer and manufacturer of information kiosks, monitor housings, multi-touch tables and tablet solutions. With over 20 years of experience, we are the market leader in the deployment of “public-proof”, digital and interactive solutions. Both government agencies and the business community, in the Netherlands and far beyond, make use of our creative and accessible solutions.

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