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  • 01.08  Digitale Marketing-Lösungen
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Produktkategorie: Instore Radio

ROSI BMS - Audiomarketing for Retailers, Hotels and Cruise Line ships

ROSI BMS is a Management software  audio marketing for

- Retailers (food and non food)
- Hotels and Eventcenters
- Cruise line ships

It is used tenthousand times worldwide to create audio marketing content in shops, stores and hotels. It combines a perfect music mix with sensible voice tracks to address the customers / guests.

The latest release is been presented on our booth. We appreciate your visit!

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Produktkategorie: Instore Radio

AutoCast - Staff planning

A good "Staff planning" is one of the most difficult actions and challenges for retailers.

EBH Radio Software offers new ways. AUTOCAST is a well experienced staff scheduling software that controls all legal rights and that schedules your staff in the best way. It concentrates on individual agreements such as "only to work in the afternoon or evening" or "never on Tuesdays" or ...

Rules for Part Time Workers will be strictly be adhered. The clou: With all rules calculated AUTOCAST can work out a complete proposal for all activities in a store automatically. The work planning for a week in a store is done within 5 minutes on every WINDOWS based computer.

The schedules from each outlet will be sent to the headquarter by secure internet-links and will be summarized there.

AutoCast is available with many different functioanlities that are usable in individual user licensees.

Come and talk with us about AUTOCAST - Europe's No. one for staff planning.

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Über uns


EBH Radio Software GmbH is a 33 year old company, located in Bremen that has equipped

- more than 1.000 Broadcast customers (Radio- and TV stations)
- app. 150 cruise line ships with entertainment software (world market leader!)
- more than 400 hotels with entertainment software
- app. 100 internet radio stations with playout software

EBH's software can create a music mix on highest levels and can add voice tracks to it (if needed). The combination is called "Audio Marketing".

We would be happy to meet you during the EuoCIS to learn more about your demands and requests.

We sell worldwide.

Best regards
EBH Radio Software GmbH
phone: +49 421 2048480
Web: www.ebh.com
Email: ebhinfo@ebh.com

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