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Christian Studer


Fabio La Mattina

MD Retail

Christa Zesiger

Manager Marketing & Communications

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Produktkategorie: Customer Tracking

Xovis PC-Series

The Xovis PC-Series is the most complete portfolio of 3D Sensors on the market; it solves every people counting and tracking challenge with unmatched precision. The combination of Xovis 3D Sensors and in-store analytics applications bridges the gap between conventional people counting and comprehensive in-store analytics. Xovis and its partners enable retailers to overcome the challenges of the IoT age.

Xovis 3D Sensors feature a counting accuracy of 99 %, exceeding the performance of other technologies and setting new industry standards. The introduction of AI-based algorithms further improves the accuracy and flexibility of people counting and tracking. Embrace progress and prepare your in-store analytics system with the AI-generation of Xovis Sensors; for example, for large and full area people flow monitoring with the unique Xovis Multisensor. Instead of working with a predefined set of detection rules, AI-powered Xovis 3D Sensors consistently improve the ability to recognize patterns, taking tracking solutions to the next level.

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Produktkategorie: Customer Tracking

Gender Statistics

Start counting “her” and “him,” not “it.” The most basic target group distinction is knowing whether you’re dealing with Francine or Frank. Get counting data differentiates between female and male customers. Modern marketing strategies depend on knowing as much as possible about the customer base. Lots of data sources are being used to find out some of the basic distinguishing factors in an automatic way. One of the most basic distinctions is between male and female customers.

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Produktkategorie: Customer Tracking

Group Counting

When calculating conversion rates, the correct number of customers gets misrepresented because of people buying in groups. Group Counting attributes transactions to the number of buying units only. A lot of mall owners, renting companies and big retailers measure the performance of their tenants and divisions using conversion rates and similar KPIs.

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Produktkategorie: Customer Tracking

Staff Exclusion

Count customers, not staff: Increase the truth in customer counting data and exclude busy employees on the sales floor from popping up in your Xovis people counting solution. In many retail industry settings, the staff makes for a good portion of the people traffic on the sales floor. Be it for consulting shoppers in a fashion boutique, for filling up quickly clearing shelves during special sales promotions or in high-end luxury shops with individual customer service – distinguishing customers from the staff is key for sensible store analytics. When counting customers using an AI-enabled Xovis PC2R or PC2S sensor, you are about to get the tools to differentiate between customers and staff.

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AI revolution: three new features at EuroCIS 2019

AI-powered Xovis sensors now set exceedingly high industry standards. The new generation of Xovis sensors takes in-store analytics to the next level and empowers retailers to do “way more than people counting.” At EuroCIS 2019 Xovis proudly presents how the AI revolution will propel the insight in your counting data way forward.

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Xovis - we solve people flow!

Numerous customers count on our 3D technology; it solves every people counting and tracking challenge with unmatched precision. Together with our partners in markets such as retail, smart buildings, and smart cities, we pave the way for moving people more smoothly through facilities, support resource planning optimization and boost customer satisfaction as well as revenue.

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