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Proximity DMP – Get More Out Of Every Customer Visit

The Proximity DMP gathers, processes and analyzes data from beacons, geofences and NFC. This enables you to create customer centric mobile experiences. The Platform serves all proximity-related requirements over one cloud platform:

Customer Analytics
Proven big data processing capabilities enable you to track and analyze online to offline conversions, POS performance and frequency of visits.

Proximity Marketing
Notification Campaign tools and triggers help you to engage with your customers right at the moment of the buying decision with personalized and relevant content.

Infrastructure Management
Our platform is vendor-independent and hardware-agnostic. It enables you to configure and manage large-scale iBeacon, Eddystone, Geofence and NFC infrastructures.

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Square Metrics was founded in 2014 anticipating new technology trends and the rise in smartphone usage. Partnering with industry leaders, we grew from a hardware producer to a proximity data management platform provider specializing in mobile tracking solutions. 

Our platform provides solutions for customer analytics and asset analytics. You can choose any or all of the available proximity technologies: Geofences, Beacons, NFC tags, or QR codes – the Proximity DMP is the platform to manage them all.

Businesses from over 50 countries use Offline In-store data generated by our platform as an integral part of their Omnichannel strategy. Today, Square Metrics is recognized as a Top European Location-based Solution provider while complying with the GDPR.

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