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Mobile Cyber Security SDK - Trusted Application Kit

Our product is the Trusted Application Kit (TAK) that is a collection of security features every (native) mobile app developer needs to implement in order to develop more secure mobile applications, for example secure communication, secure storage, etc. TAK is essentially an SDK for app developers and an application security framework for mobile operating systems like Android or iOS. TAK resolves different issues, from those posed by the growing number of end-user devices to the problems inherent in different OS versions and country-specific devices. TAK does this through a layered security approach – protecting your apps from a range of threat types. TAK is perfectly suited for a broad range of apps that require enhanced security, for example mobile banking apps or transit and ticketing apps.

TAK can provide better security for many mobile applications, e.g. those produced by retail, financial institutions, enterprise services, insurance companies, and the automotive industry. In general, whenever confidential or sensitive data, such as identities or credentials, is used then this confidential or sensitive data is securely protected. It is not visible and non-intrusive to the end user, yet it provides a high level of security for the confidential data in a TAK secured mobile app. The framework is implemented within days and opens the market for new mobile revenue models, saves costs and shortens the time-to-market.

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Build38 is a leading provider of mobile application protection solutions. Its Trusted Application Kit (TAK) represents a new generation of app-hardening technologies that protects apps from known and unknown attacks and opens the market to new digital business models. Build38 protects applications across various industries including retail, automotive, financial, public transport and health care. Build38 is headquartered in Munich with global offices in Barcelona and Singapore.

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