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EuroCIS 2022 Hallenplan (Halle 10): Stand A42


EuroCIS 2022 Geländeplan: Halle 10

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Produktkategorie: Customer Tracking

Customer Tracking

Start your career at Xovis
We create a sense of safety and comfort for people on the move.
With our own Swiss made hardware and software for the precise counting of people in line with data protection guidelines and for optimizing people flow, we create value above expectations for our stakeholders.
Our skilled and diverse team designs high-precision technology, which combines powerfully with artificial intelligence and IoT to deliver an exceptional user experience.

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Produktkategorie: Customer Tracking


Partnering with Xovis
We are only as strong as the bridges we build. Welcome to the partner program at Xovis, where our history of collaboration strengthens the future of people flow systems.
The wide range of Xovis sensors, services and solutions allow you to unlock the full potential of the Xovis palette – to your benefit and that of your clients.

The Xovis partner program
The Xovis partner program offers exclusive service rates, volume-based pricing schemes, seminars, training courses, joint sales promotion, special offers and technical support. In the retail and smart building industries, our partner program enables channel partners to develop and distribute specific solutions. 

Our partner program is aimed at long-term collaboration with sales and marketing support.

Analytics partners
Analytics partners are solution providers with expertise in software development who can provide end customers with specific solutions for people flow and data analytics applications.
These partners incorporate Xovis technology in order to add people flow data to their analytics software.
Above all, Xovis analytics partners provide software solutions for specific use cases in retail, smart buildings and smart city applications.

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Produktkategorie: Customer Tracking

People counting technology

Rethinking digital products and solutions for real-time people flow
Our cutting edge innovations count accurately and securely
Our portfolio of 3D sensor technology hardware and software is designed for challenging applications and locations
From airport terminals to seasonal outdoor markets, count people accurately to optimize resources, spaces and operations

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Über uns


Xovis – Rethinking People Flow
Welcome to the platform for "Rethinking People Flow."
We are an international provider for intelligent people flow solutions across airports, retail, transportation and smart buildings.
Our mindset and experience make Xovis a learning organization and exactly this characteristic lets us do things differently – the Xovis way.

Our leadership
The visionary Xovis founders have seen the company grow from a three-person start-up to the global market leader for intelligent people flow.
Our leaders are committed to rethinking people