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EuroCIS 2022 Hallenplan (Halle 10): Stand D06-10


EuroCIS 2022 Geländeplan: Halle 10

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  • 02  Analytics
  • 02.04  Customer Tracking

Customer Tracking

  • 03  Zahlungssysteme
  • 03.03  Kontaktlose Zahlungssysteme, NFC Lösungen

Kontaktlose Zahlungssysteme, NFC Lösungen

  • 04  Digitale Marketing-Lösungen
  • 04.01  Loyalty Management Lösungen

Loyalty Management Lösungen

  • 04  Digitale Marketing-Lösungen
  • 04.12  Kunden-Feedback Terminals

Kunden-Feedback Terminals

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Identify customers on-site and elevate your services with Bank2Loyalty Bank2Loyalty enables businesses, institutions, and governments to identify their consumers and visitors on-site, at any time: at the entrance, during their visit and even during checkout. The interactive digital display will allow you to elevate and expand your (personalized) digital services, collect instant feedback, improve productivity of in-store representatives, offer loyalty programs and increase customer loyalty. With a customizable front- and back-end, and end-user onboarding in less than 1 minute, the Bank2Loyalty system exceeds the capabilities of traditional loyalty software and adds value in any IT environment. Our solution is secure, scalable, multi-tenant (optional), and highly interoperable. Visit us in the Start-up Hub for a live demonstration, or find more information at